stop damp

why experts freely help?​

Damp proof damage​

Damp proofing by blocking, rather than stopping water at source, is bad practice. It is expensive, disruptive, often results in rot and will eventually need replacement.

Increased damp risk​

Soaring energy prices will lead to heating imbalance, reduced ventilation and poor insulation. There has never been a more pressing time for expert damp surveyors.


We need expert tips, tricks and occasional disagreement to refine our knowledge bank. If you follow accepted methods & principles, we will list you as an expert (subject to checks).​

“The whole concept of taking a thoughtful, thorough, investigative approach to damp issues makes so much sense. Our flat had had a damp proof course injected twenty years ago, before we bought it. Rather than simply proceeding with having a new damp course injected we were keen to establish why there was a damp patch appearing in the flat.”​

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Michael in Greater London Posted on Which 13/01/2022 , work completed 09/12/2021

Methods & Principle​s

The need for agreed methods & principles results from increased demand for expert damp surveyors.

Accepted methods & principles will improve the accuracy and credibility of expert damp surveyors. Please comment on any page.